Livestream Testimonials

Emmanuel Edeh - Malaysia

Thank so much Bishop ... I always admire you as a man of God ever since I started worshiping in your Assembly with my elder sister (Mrs. Eziuloh) before I left Nigeria to Malaysia. She told me that I can watch and listen to your message on this site and am happy it gives me joy to listen to a man of God who is my role model. I always rush to my laptop not to miss the LIVE worship every Sunday even though we are 7 hours different from Nigeria. May God continue to use and strengthen you more in Jesus name, AMEN!


Ndubuisi Ndukwe - USA

Unapologetic message rare in this age! God is faithful! Hard to hear this message in this part of the world! May the Lord continue to encourage and strengthen His servant, Bishop Nwachukwu. Thank you for bringing the message to us by life-streaming.


Bernard Owino - East Timor

Thanking God for grace and enablement to gather at His feet together with you. Though through virtual means, we are one, and the fight for His Kingdom is on in our hearts. God's grace Bishop Nwachukwu and the lovely brethren of Amazing Love Assembly.


Emmanuel Edeh - Malaysia

I was watching Daddy's message on YouTube.....God Is A God of Details and Mummy's teaching on Wisdom of Obedience and Folly of Disobedience. Contributions from adults and young ones it gladdens my heart. ...... I love how the word of God is been taught in AMAZING LOVE ASSEMBLY. The kids are not left out either as I watched their performance on YouTube. God will continue to use Daddy to minister to us, Amen! My regards to the church, I will be praying for the ministry.